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Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill Suspended: Brief Of The Impact On The City And Carrie Lam

The government of Hong Kong has suspended the extradition bill that was proposed to allow the fugitives to be handed over to the Beijing government.  It is reported that this bill was suspended after days of protest due to the concerns of Hong Kong’s legal system which would have been compromised by judicial ties with the mainland, China.

Even after the suspension, the protestors demanded the resignation of Chief Executive Carry Lam. Asia’s regional director at EIU, Duncan Innes Ker said that this was a great victory for all the protestors without any further question but the issue has not completely scrapped down.  He added that in broader terms, the central government would be unlikely to step back from stressing its grip over the Hong Kong government.  He also questioned and criticized future of Lam as according to him, she has judged the situation poorly during the demonstrations and it has only inflamed the anger of public.

However, Carry Lam has apologized to the public via government spokesperson but protestors had called it an insult and impersonal apology. Innes Ker said that Beijing would not want to send any message indicating that political leaders could be pushed off from office by the public’s power. He also added that Lam might control the situation in her current term.

Innes Ker added in his report that chief executives are accountable to both the central government as well as their own territory, so it was a priority to keep the Beijing government happy. But this had unfortunately stoked a political instability and in the long term, this instability would be more likely to continue until and unless there is any political liberation from the Beijing government.

A Political scientist from London said to the famous news platform that he thinks, days of Lam are very less and Beijing would not afford to swipe out her right so easily because that simply indicate weakness of the government. So, they might have to allow a little of decent interlude.

Alberto Strayer
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF At World Industry Insights

Alberto Strayer is World Industry Insights editor-in-chief. He is responsible for all business related editorial products. Alberto years ago, he joined World Industry Insight as a senior staff writer. Alberto spent the initial decade of his career with the publication covering business. Due to his efficiency and eye for detail, Alberto achieved the best performer of the year for consecutive 2 years. Alberto earned a Bachelor’s Degree in magazine production and editing. He loves to travel and explore the world in his free time.

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