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Finally, Guidelines For Space Sustainability Gets A Nod From The UN

The UN COPUOS approved over 21 suggestions as guidelines for sustainability in space for the long run, towards its Vienna session’s ending days. They will be sent to UN GN for endorsement. These guidelines include best practices and recommended behaviors in space, along with international cooperation and space operations safety. They weren’t approved last year due to Russia. After intensive debate, Russia finally gave her approval as well.

Industry and government officials hailed this move, which would reduce hazards like space debris in the orbit. Peter Martinez of SWF stated that this move was significant. Andre Rypl of COPUOS also congratulated countries for taking part in discussions, which allowed these guidelines to be approved. Director Pippo of the UN said that the process took a bit long. These guidelines were accepted, meaning that space diplomacy had a major role model, as all member states had approved the bill.

The US was among the endorsing COPUOS members. Audrey Schaffer of DoD and the negotiating US team for these guidelines termed it as a major historic accomplishment. She stated that guidelines were vital since they included consensus acceptances and had a comprehensive scope. This meant that there was a political and social agreement amongst the global community regarding space issues. Member states were now displaying their long-term dedication for space activities. Commercial operators had also been included in these discussions, reflecting on their growing importance. Private sector and government sector practices came together for the best blend to come through. However, these guidelines will not be binding on organizations or countries.

Endorsers believe that these guidelines will be incorporated into binding regulations in due course. Schafer stated that guidelines had already been consistent with current US practices and policies. Elle Agnew of CSA stated that CSA would review its internal policies. These guidelines will be incorporated too and any difficulties faced will be discussed later. Agnew, however, held that these measures were significant.

Alberto Strayer
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF At World Industry Insights

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