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Anti-Vaccine News Spread Through WhatsApp In India: WSJ

Yet again Facebook has come under severe scrutiny in India following WhatsApp, its instant messaging app, which turned out to be a means for the swift dispersion of anti-vaccine misinformation. The Wall Street Journal reported, “Anti-vaccine misinformation, a few of it from social media uploads in the West, is dispersing on WhatsApp in India, weakening attempts to eradicate rubella and measles in a nation where tens of thousands of individuals are hit by the diseases every year.”

Facebook and its apps’ family are already confronting stress to thwart promoting anti-vaccine misinformation to users along with global distress over a measles outbreak and vaccine uncertainty in the Pacific Northwest. As per the latest report, several same off-beam stories that deceived Americans on vaccinations are dispersing through WhatsApp in India, where a few vaccination initiatives have been stopped.

The Wall Street Journal added, “Dozens of Mumbai schools have declined to permit health officials to conduct vaccinations in recent months, mainly owing to rumors shared on the famous messaging app of Facebook Inc regarding the supposed threats.”

Likewise, In March, Facebook’s Vice President for Global Policy Management, Monika Bickert, updated people through a blog that the social networking giant has settled on to act against accounts that were supporting vaccine deceptions as recognized by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention and World Health Organization in the United States.

As part of the program, for its 2.32 billion users across the world, Facebook chose not to entail pages that entailed misinformation regarding vaccinations in search, news feed, predictions, or recommendations. Instagram, with over 1 billion users, decided to chunk content on vaccinations that could probably entail wrong details from prompting in the hashtag pages and explore tab.

Also, in March, Amazon, battling against the distribution of misinformation on anti-vaccines, began eliminating anti-vaccine documentaries from its video streaming service following a CNN Business report emphasized the anti-vaccine remarks available on the site.

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