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Research Discovers Diabetes Drug Might Slow, Prevent Kidney Disease

A drug that is utilized to assist in managing blood sugar in diabetic people has now been demonstrated to assist in slowing or preventing kidney disease—that causes millions of demises every year and needs hundreds of thousands of individuals to undergo dialysis to remain alive. Physicians state it is difficult to exaggerate the significance of this research, and what it represents for curbing this issue, which is mounting owing to the obesity epidemic.

The research validated drug Invokana of Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Over 420 million people across the globe have diabetes and a majority of are Type 2 cases, the type associated with obesity. It ensues when the body cannot produce sufficient or suitably use the insulin that converts food into energy. Over time, this can harm the kidneys, resulting in disease and eventually, failure. In the United States, it’s accountable for almost half a million individuals requiring dialysis as well as for several kidney transplants every year.

A few blood pressure drugs decrease this risk but they are only effective partly. The new research validated Invokana, an everyday pill now retailed to assist in managing blood sugar, to observe if it also could assist in thwarting kidney disease when included in standard therapies.

In the study, the researchers found those on the pill had a 30% reduced risk of one of these issues—the need for dialysis, kidney failure, death from kidney, the requirement for a kidney transplant—or heart-associated causes, or other indications of kidney failure. For every 1,000 individual taking the pill for 2.5 Years, as per the researchers’ estimate, there would be 47 fewer incidents of one of these issues.

Likewise, individuals with Type 2 Diabetes should choose eggs for breakfast, according to latest research issued in the Journal of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. As per the results, a high-fat, low-carbohydrate breakfast can assist those with T2D to manage levels of blood sugar throughout the day.

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