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Aerojet Rocketdyne Proposes Use Of AR1 For Medium-Class Lift Off Vehicle

Recently, Aerojet Rocketdyne stated that it is devoted to completing progress of the AR1 rocket engine and is looking for potential collaborators for an innovative medium-class launch vehicle that can utilize the engine. Aerojet Rocketdyne earned an award in 2016 from the U.S. Air Force to maintain the development of the AR1, which is one of the engines ULA (United Launch Alliance) believed to use on its latest-generation Vulcan rocket. The new value of the Air Force’s OTA (other transaction agreement) was $804 Million, with the Air Force offering two-thirds of the funding and the remaining coming from Aerojet and ULA to a lesser extent.

Apparently, Aerojet renegotiated that contract with the Air Force in June 2018, lowering the total cost of the award for $353.8 Million with the Air Force now offering five-sixth of the total cost. In subsequent regulatory filings, Aerojet has said that its own inputs to the award are now completed. In September 2018, ULA declared that it had picked Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine on top of the AR1 for Vulcan, which was a long-anticipated verdict by the space industry. In spite of losing out on the Vulcan contract, Aerojet states it is dedicated to completing advance of the engine.

Recently, ULA was in news as the spacecraft company is set to fly Vulcan expertise on Atlas 5 to achieve flight heritage. ULA will start flying Vulcan hardware on Atlas 5 rockets in this year, an attempt to give the latest-generation launcher authentic flight heritage prior to its debut in 2021. Seemingly, ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket along with 79 successive successful flights has a past performance rivaled only by the European Ariane 5. Reliability has been the best selling point for ULA, particularly as the company fights to maintain its share of the U.S government launches while making its way into the commercial market, contesting more forcefully with Arianespace, SpaceX, and others.

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