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Astronomers Spot Beast-like Marvelous Aurora With A Catastrophic Effect

Scientists find the auroras to one of the most magnifying beauties in space but in reality, the solar storms creating them are monstrous as they have the capability to destroy every little electronic device present on the Earth.  According to scientists, Juan Carlos Casado has captured aurora’s beauty that lit up the entire dark sky of Iceland with twists of green. The Thingvallavatn Lake had a reflection of the aurora depicted in the image. The solar storms developing the auroras are usually risk-free, however, the big one hitting Earth is expected to have shattering effects. In 1859, a similar storm had completely knocked down telegraph networks on a global scale following which the telegraph pylons sparks had given the operators terrible electric shocks.

The Northern and Southern Lights which are ribbon-like light displays of the aurora borealis and australis are created due to the energetic particles given out by the solar wind of the Sun enter the Earth’s magnetic shield. These particles when in the upper atmosphere collide with gases causing the generation of heat followed by emission of light. The lake is located under the geological fault that helps differentiate Earth’s Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. The harmless aurora along with the strong solar winds could have devastating effects like destroying the communication networks.

The aurora has swirls of green spirals present behind the clouds with Moon at the side and stars in the backyard. The beast is feared to impair civilization. The storm is a result of the coronal mass ejection, a wave of charged particles plus magnetic disturbances that are accompanied by a solar flare. The current episode has been named ‘the Carrington Event’ after spotting the solar flare as the storm was able to compress the Earth’s magnetic field so much that the electric currents were induced in the telegraph wires. Similar, such solar flare event was observed in 2012 but it had just crossed the Earth without hitting our planet.

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