ONCOOP 2023: Ontario’s Poker Odyssey of Endless Showdowns

ONCOOP 2023: Ontario poker lovers are in the middle of ONCOOP, a thrilling poker event with endless showdowns. This poker marathon will keep participants busy until October 2 with 137 tournaments.

This year’s ONCOOP is an intriguing aspect of PokerStars‘ massive poker festival, which spans all North American legal markets. The poker behemoth calls this huge event “NACOOP,” and its magnificence is noticeable in many spots. Pennsylvania calls it “PACOOP,” and New Jersey and Michigan call it “USCOOP.”

These three poker series have vast numbers of players, tantalizing prizes of all amounts, a wide range of buy-ins to suit varied tastes, and a never-ending stream of poker action to please even the most insatiable appetites.

Twenty-four brave poker players claimed their thrones and celebrated their hard-fought victory in ONCOOP’s opening weekend. It illustrates how hard poker fans work to win.

Progressive Knockout (PKO) events are popular in ONCOOP, as shown in the first battle, ONCOOP 1: $100 Kickoff PKO. Impressively, 362 players attended this event. Additionally, the $33,232 prize pool was remarkable. Ridin2Aces won a thrilling battle with $6,960 in their bank account, mostly from hard-earned awards.

ONCOOP 20: The $20 Mini Sunday Special has crushed the previous record for the largest group. There were 515 players and 794 entries. Although many players participated, the prize pool was only $14,451. Though not small, this is moderate poker wealth.


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So far, ONCOOP 19: $200 ONCOOP’s crown jewel is the Ontario Sunday Special Championship. It attracted 451 interested participants with a registration cost ten times greater than the Mini Sunday Special. In a historic time, the game ended with a $84,112 prize pool. After a spectacular heads-up fight that shocked the poker community, Jeremy won $14,143 from this enormous prize pool.

Those familiar with ONCOOP know Arlie Prince Pablo Shaban’s name inspires ambition and accomplishment. This Ontario poker pro won five titles in ONCOOP’s last stint, cementing his legacy. Shaban is determined to duplicate his successes as everyone watches, and his trip is live on Twitch.

Shaban’s ambitions energized this year’s ONCOOP. His first win came quickly. The event was the second game, ONCOOP 2: $30 Mini Kickoff PKO. Shaban moved up from the center of the final table and defeated Flystar18 heads-up. His generous $2,110 salary included $858 in bonuses.

Besides this critical win, Shaban’s first weekend play has been great. He reached the final table at ONCOOP 24: $30 Sunday Supersonic and placed seventh, winning $309. First-place winner BrokeJokeTim won $1,857 after a grueling struggle.

OnCOOP is a poker battleground where ability, strategy, and nerve collide spectacularly. This poker show showcases people’s skills and celebrates the game’s longevity with characters like Arlie Prince and Pablo Shaban, rising stars and veterans. As the ONCOOP story unfolds, it’s hard not to wonder who will win and what new poker stories will be created. Everyone is set for a fantastic ONCOOP adventure when the cards are dealt and the chips are stacked.

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