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Soon Apple Watch To Get Blood Glucose Monitoring Tool To Track Diabetes

One will be capable of keeping an eye on glucose levels soon on an Apple Watch. A firm that is dedicated to glucose monitoring devices, Dexcom, has tipped-off that it is functioning with Apple to develop a glucose monitoring device that functions with its smartwatch. Recently, during an interview with Jim Cramer on Mad Money of CNBC, Kevin Sayer, Dexcom CEO, had teased the Dexcom G6 monitor’s enhanced version that will enable patients with diabetes to monitor their levels of glucose on their smartwatch.

The firm’s G6 wearable is a constant glucose monitor that doesn’t need Calibration or fingersticks. This FDA-authorized Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System functions by administrating a tiny sensor just underneath the skin. Glucose levels are constantly measured by the sensor and wirelessly transmit information to a display device via a transmitter. The plus side of Dexcom G6 is that one can perceive their glucose data on a smartwatch or smartphone.

It is acknowledged that Apple has been validating a glucose monitoring system that functions with the Apple Watch. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, back in 2017, was marked wearing a glucometer attached to his smartwatch. Also, Apple, last year, patented a non-invasive monitoring device to monitor levels of blood glucose via a sensor on the smartwatch itself.

Likewise, last week, the Israel-located Itamar Medical obtained FDA 510(k) clearance for a novel disposable home sleep apnea test dubbed WatchPAT One. The tool is smartphone-linked; individuals connect the wearable to their phone prior to sleeping with the tool, which bands around the wrist but also entails a sensor that goes over the fingertip and another that attaches to the chest, both linked physically by wires to the wrist strap. It can read heart rate, actigraphy, oximetry, snoring, body position, and chest motion to analyze for obstructive sleep apnea, besides peripheral arterial tone signal.

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