NatWest CEO Resigns After Disclosing Nigel Farage’s Financial Details

NatWest CEO : Alison Rose, CEO of NatWest, one of the UK’s biggest banks, resigned in London. She resigned after admitting to disclosing Nigel Farage’s sensitive financial details to BBC News.

Ms. Rose released a statement admitting her “serious error of judgment” in exposing Mr. Farage’s bank ties. The late-Tuesday disclosure shook financial and political markets.

Last month, GB News broadcaster and Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage revealed that a major UK bank had cancelled his client status.

NatWest CEO

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The UK media then identified the bank as Coutts, a prominent NatWest-owne wealthy bank. Mr. Farage publicly believed that his political opinions influenced Coutts’ decision to terminate his account.

A senior bank source told the BBC that Farage’s accounts were closed for business reasons. However, Farage obtained the bank’s internal report, which looked to support his assertion that his political views affected the decision.

Tuesday night revealed the reality. Alison Rose apologized and expressed sorry for being the BBC report’s source. She admitted that she mishandled BBC inquiries about the situation.

She apologized to Mr. Farage for hurting him personally. She also apologized to him.

After the dust settles, the renowned CEO will step down, allowing NatWest’s commercial and institutional business CEO,
Paul Thwaite, to take over until a permanent successor is found.

The UK government owns 39% of NatWest, adding to the turmoil.

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