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On The Occasion Of Earth Day, NASA Calls All To #PictureEarth

NASA calls everyone to commemorate the planet, which we describe as home with its #PictureEarth social media event. Upload a photo on social media of your preferred natural elements, such as crashing waves, blooming flowers, ancient trees, puffy clouds, furry and feathered animals, warm sunlight, molten lava, frozen ice, and colorful insects. Use the #PictureEarth and upload the photo on April 22nd. Do not forget to include the place where the photo was taken in your social media publication.

On Earth Day, NASA will share some of the most incredible images that show the Earth from space to inspire the global population and spread awareness about the earth conservation. The team will check on Instagram, Twitter and the NASA Earth Facebook events page where they will find uploaded images and select photos from all over the world for later viewing in composite videos and images.

NASA’s aerial and satellite instruments capture Earth every day to improve knowledge of our home and improve our lives. These images, shared with scientists and the public around the world, can use visible light, such as a photographer’s camera, or examine infrared waves, microwaves, and wavelength of radio, invisible to the human eye.

Scientists utilize data from all our instruments, as well as observation ships from other countries, to create a progressively more complete picture of the planet over time. Our next addition to our Earth Observation fleet, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3, will be launched on April 26 at the international space station. The new knowledge of this fleet could make it possible to find solutions that are important for global problems, such as changes in the availability of potable water, human health, and food security.

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Suzanne McRae is involved in writing all news related to commercial space, space policy, and associated subjects. She holds M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy. The association of World Industry Insights and Suzanne is of almost 7 years now. When she joined World Industry Insights, Suzanne was working as a trainee content writer in the team. However, owing to her dedication towards work, now, Suzanne holds the position of senior news writer at World Industry Insight.


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