Meta Platforms: Threads to keep people coming back.

Meta Platforms:  Reuters reported New York news on July 27. On Thursday, Zuckerberg informed his employees that Meta Platforms, their new Twitter competitor, is popularizing Threads. After a bright start, roughly half of the app’s users quit in the following weeks.

Zuckerberg told Reuters during a staff meeting that more individuals are using the messaging app than planned. He also noted the app’s flaws.

It would be great if half or all of the more than 100 million individuals who signed up stayed. That’s not yet. Zuckerberg said it’s typical for users to drop, but the business will add features like a PC version and search to keep people engaged.

Chris Cox, Meta’s product manager, said that making key discussions easy to watch keeps Instagram users on the platform. This keeps folks returning. The company’s spokesperson wouldn’t address the meeting. The employers discussed Meta’s accurate income prediction. A huge firm spent a lot on the metaverse last year, yet their ad revenues dropped. They returned. Thursday’s announcement boosted Meta’s shares by 8%.

Meta Platforms

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On the call, Zuckerberg claimed metaverse augmented and virtual reality technology was “not way ahead of schedule, but going as planned.” Meta should invest before Apple, Google, and Microsoft. These firms developed operating systems for existing goods.

We’ll have everything whenever it’s ready, he said. He thinks metaverse tools will be fun in 2030. Zuckerberg and Cox announced Llama 2, a new AI model. Producers in countries with less than 700 million people get it free for business usage.

After a week, over 150,000 consumers have ordered the model, according to Cox. Musk and Zuckerberg discussed a “cage match.” No idea. New Yorker Katie Paul and Austiner Sheila Dang penned the stories. The user text was adapted for the 8th grade.

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