American Airlines Pilots: APA Proposes Amended Contract Amid United’s Offer

American Airlines pilots: The Allied Pilots Association (APA), representing 15,000 American Airlines pilots, has released an amended agreement for a new contract. This is because United Airlines pilots were offered a better contract, leading to the breakdown of a previous agreement. A request for the board of directors of the union to review the new contract, “TA 2.0,” has been made. It suggests areas for further development. The board will meet on August 2 to discuss and decide on the situation. As a result, participants can reach a temporary agreement.

American Airlines thanks the APA for their help in securing a new four-year contract for the pilots. They are grateful to the APA. It also appreciated the pilots and was happy with the arrangement.

During the month of May, APA and American were able to come to a provisional understanding over a new contract. This transaction was ultimately reworked into a draft agreement before being submitted to and receiving approval from the board. However, when United ALPA revealed that they had reached a similar arrangement, APA swiftly investigated the matter and devised a strategy to compete with the United accord.

American Airlines Pilots

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Ed Sicher, the President of the APA, sent out a message to pilots in which he discussed the conflict and assured that the union would be transparent and united. The United States’ agreement was modified in
order to conform with the terms of the United’s agreement. These alterations include a 21% approval bonus beginning in January and pay rates that are the same as United’s and Delta‘s, but only if United
pilots agree to the deal by January 1, 2024. Other alterations include pay rates that are the same as United’s and Delta’s.

The new agreement shows progress for American Airlines pilots. It sets the stage for a collective bargaining agreement that reflects their value in pay, bonuses, and work norms. It prepares for a value-based agreement.

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