Tech and Beverage Companies : Stock Market Reacts to Q2 Earnings Reports

Tech and Beverage Companies¬†: Intel’s technology stock surged 6%, pleasing investors. Since it made more money, the company is hopeful about the next three months. Refinitiv predicts that Intel will earn 20 cents per share, up from 16 cents last year.

Ford had an better-than-expected second-quarter performance and expects much better full-year results. This raised Ford stock by 1%. Ford earned more. Revenue was $42.43 billion from 72-cent share sales. Industry experts estimate profits of 40.38 billion dollars and 55 cents per share.

When Roku disclosed its three-month performance, its stock rose 8.5%. Instead of losing $1.26 per share, it lost 76 cents. The Money will rise from $775 million to $847 million.

First Solar had a good second quarter, growing 6.6%. Wall Street prepared for the worst. They expected First Solar to sell 721 million shares at 96 cents each. At $1.59 per share, it raised $811 million.

Tech and Beverage Companies

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Enphase Energy’s stock fell 12% after their financial report was disappointing. The company’s profits per share were $1.47, more than the consensus expectation of $1.25. Despite this, revenues were $711 million, 11 million below expectations.

Second-quarter revenue fell 7% for Sweetgreen. Refinitiv analysts predicted $157 million in sales. Sales totaled $153 million.

Dexcom’s stock rose 2% after beating Wall Street’s forecasts. Dexcom beat expectations financially. Each item costs 23 cents and generates 841.2 million dollars. Excluding certain considerations, they made $871.3 million and 34 cents per share. Dexcom expects revenue of $3.50 billion to $3.50 billion this year. Industry experts estimated $3.5 billion.

T-Mobile’s share price decreased 1.6% after the company’s second-quarter revenue fell short of market estimates. Analysts predicted T-Mobile would make $1.69 per share, but it earned $1.86. The firm earned $19.2 billion, far less than the expected 19.31 billion.

Boston Beer’s shares rose 9% due to their updated profit prediction for the year and the company’s successful three months. The smartest stockholders predicted a $593 million profit from $3.43 a share. The company earned $4.72 per share and $603 million

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