Steve Wynn Pays 10 Million Fine Steps Down Amidst Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Steve Wynn Pays 10 Million: In a bid to put an end to a protracted legal battle over sexual misconduct allegations at his company, Steve Wynn paid a hefty $10 million fine and stepped down from the Las Vegas empire he played a pivotal role in building.

The Nevada Gaming Commission finalized Wynn’s departure claims on Thursday, with Wynn consistently denying any wrongdoing. The final score stood at 4-0, as Commission Chair Jennifer Togliatti, acting as a state court mediator, refrained from voting.

Skipping the livestreamed meeting in Carson City, the 81-year-old Wynn, who is currently based in Florida, remains resolute that this settlement marks the end of any governmental issues related to the five-year-old accusations.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Wynn’s lawyer, Colby Williams, expressed his client’s eagerness to turn a new page and move forward.

This resolution comes after Wynn Resorts Ltd. paid a substantial $20 million back in February 2019 for its failure to address the sexual misconduct claims against its founder, Steve Wynn.

During the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s seven-month investigation, evidence of sexual conduct involving subordinate female employees emerged, further staining Wynn’s once-illustrious reputation.

Commissioner Rosa Solis-Rainey emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that while Wynn had contributed significantly to the casino industry, the nature of the accusations warranted the negotiated fine.

“We need to move forward, and it is in everyone’s best interest to do so,” she asserted.

Forbes continues to list Wynn among the 400 wealthiest Americans, with a fortune of $3.2 billion.

Wynn’s acknowledgment of a lack of discretion and sound judgment in halting actions that tarnished Nevada’s reputation and the casino sector’s image forms a central part of his seven-page statement dated July 17.

Labeling certain deals as unsuitable and imposing penalties is within the purview of Nevada casinos.

Wynn’s significant impact on transforming Las Vegas Strip hotels from simple gambling halls to grand resorts with celebrity-chef restaurants, sprawling casino floors, bars, and extravagant stage shows is undeniable.

Among the hotels he helmed are Golden Nugget, Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, and Beau Rivage in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi, Macau, and Massachusetts.

Wynn’s abrupt resignation came to light following revelations by the Wall Street Journal, wherein several women alleged he had sexually assaulted them. Selling his stocks, stepping down from the board, and resigning as RNC finance chairman followed suit.


Steve Wynn Pays 10 Million Fine

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In March 2022, the Nevada Supreme Court dismissed Wynn’s Gaming Commission complaint, ruling that a Las Vegas state judge had acted prematurely in 2020 when agreeing with Wynn’s attorneys that the state had no grounds to penalize him.

Wynn’s legal team, represented by Donald Campbell, asserted that neither the Gaming Control Board nor the Gaming Commission had any current jurisdiction over Wynn.

The state conducted an exhaustive investigation into the charges against Wynn, leading to his license suspension in October 2019.

Commissioners discussed imposing a $500,000 fine and revoking Wynn’s Nevada betting license in December 2019, during which he was conspicuously absent.

In a significant financial hit, his former company, Wynn Resorts Ltd., was fined a staggering $20 million not long ago.

Furthermore, the company’s new CEO, Matthew Maddox, and Wynn Resorts Ltd. were slapped with fines of $35 million and $500,000, respectively, for failing to report Wynn’s sexual misconduct accusations to the resort’s licensing office in the Boston area.

Adding to the turmoil, Wynn Resorts agreed to pay $20 million from Wynn’s personal funds and an additional $21 million from insurance companies to settle shareholder complaints in November 2019.

Amidst all the legal woes, one thing remains clear—no individuals were condemned in these settlements.

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