Invesco QQQ shares: Sterling Financial Planning Inc. Boosts Stake

Invesco QQQ shares: Sterling Financial Planning Inc. has made a significant move in the market, acquiring Invesco QQQ (NASDAQ:QQQ) shares. According to its first quarter SEC filing, the firm increased its stake in Invesco QQQ by an impressive 26.5%. The purchase involved 1,391 shares for 6,645 exchange-traded fund shares. As a result, Invesco QQQ now stands as the 25th largest investment for Sterling Financial Planning Inc., comprising 1.2% of its portfolio. The total value of Invesco QQQ shares owned by Sterling Financial Planning Inc. amounts to $2,133,000 as of the last reporting period.

This move by Sterling Financial Planning Inc. indicates its confidence in the potential of Covered Call ETFs to generate substantial returns during favorable market conditions. Other key investors have also been actively buying and selling Invesco QQQ shares in recent quarters.

First American Trust FSB increased its stake in Invesco QQQ by 25.5% last quarter, acquiring 845 shares, totaling 4,163 ETF shares with a value of $1,109,000. Similarly, Berkeley Capital Partners LLC purchased 0.8% more Invesco QQQ shares in Q1, acquiring 159 shares, totaling 18,874 ETF shares worth $6,057,000. Asset Planning Corporation invested $200,000 in Invesco QQQ shares earlier this year. Sigma Planning Corp.

Increased its stake by 4.4% last quarter, acquiring 6,587 shares, and holding a total of 156,502 exchange-traded fund shares with a value of $41,673,000. Meanwhile, Archford Capital Strategies LLC made a significant move, purchasing 327.3% more Invesco QQQ shares last quarter, acquiring 2,789 shares, bringing their total to 3,641 exchange-traded fund shares worth $970,000. It’s worth noting that hedge funds and large investors currently own 42.17% of Invesco QQQ.


Invesco QQQ shares

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As for the stock performance, QQQ rose by 1.8%, reaching $383.48 on a Friday afternoon. The trading volume saw 56,626,061 corporate shares exchanged, exceeding the typical volume of 54,640,746. The 50-day and 200-day moving averages for Invesco QQQ are $363.71 and $334.35, respectively. Over the past year, the stock has been trading between $254.26 and $387.98.

Regarding dividends, the corporation is set to pay quarterly dividends starting from July 31st. Shareholders already received a $0.504 dividend on June 21st, with the ex-dividend day occurring on Tuesday, June 20th. The dividend yields 0.53%, resulting in an annual payout of $2.02.

Invesco QQQ, also known as PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1, issues the Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock. The trust relies on Nasdaq-100 Index price and yield performance. Investors can obtain a fair portion of the trust’s securities in beneficial interest units, with each security being equally significant and comprising almost the entirety of the Nasdaq-100 Index.

For those considering investing in Invesco QQQ, it’s essential to heed the analysis of Wall Street’s top research analysts. MarketBeat’s top analysts currently do not recommend Invesco QQQ as one of the five stocks to purchase before the market gains momentum. Instead, they suggest other stocks that have outperformed Invesco QQQ, which is currently rated as a “hold.”

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