Twitter Rebranding: Giant X Sign Sparks Controversy in San Francisco

Twitter Rebranding: Local officials swiftly responded when a giant X sign appeared on Twitter’s San Francisco rooftop as part of its recent rebranding efforts. Workers promptly removed the sign after complaints from neighbors and the city, citing the lack of proper permissions. The new brand presentation on Friday triggered anxiety, leading to 24 complaints over the weekend. Concerns ranged from building safety to the brightness of the flashing light, which reportedly caused discomfort and nausea for some individuals.

One complainant pointed out that the sign appeared wobbly and posed a risk of falling onto the street during a seismic event.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection stepped in, investigating the matter. On Friday, an inspector informed Twitter that they violated safety standards related to constructing a roof sign without proper authorization. The inspector insisted on a sign inspection.

Twitter responded by claiming the sign was meant to be temporarily illuminated for an event. Nevertheless, the inspector warned the company that they must either remove the sign or bring it into compliance with local regulations.

On Saturday, municipal authorities attempted to reaccess the roof but were denied entry by the tenant. San Francisco Department of Building Inspection spokesman Patrick Hannan clarified that a construction permit is required for such a sign, and the city is evaluating the situation. Erecting the sign with approval from the planning department is permissible.

Twitter Rebranding

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During the sign’s removal on Monday, the inspector returned for the third time, ensuring its proper dismantling.

The rebranding process of the social media platform has been fraught with sign-related challenges. After purchasing Twitter and renaming it, Musk introduced a new image in late July, altering the San Francisco headquarters internally and externally, with Xs appearing on canteen signs and conference room names.

San Francisco police previously prevented workers from removing the bird symbol from the building to ensure public safety. However, the recent X sign faced removal due to permission violations.

Consequently, Twitter may face penalties for installing the illuminated structure without proper authorization. The corporation is expected to cover the city’s inquiry expenses and building licenses incurred during the installation and dismantling.

Moreover, this year, Innisfree M&A Incorporated, involved in the business’s sale to Musk, sued Twitter for $1.9 million in unpaid expenses.

Despite these hurdles, Twitter’s rebranding journey continues as it gradually bids farewell to its original name and bird symbol, embracing the changes brought forth by its new identity. The path to transformation, however, has come with its fair share of challenges and costs.

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