Fresh and Convenient: Lunchables’ New Fresh Fruit and Veggie Snack Trays

Fresh and Convenient : Lunchables is offering its grab-and-go snack trays in the vegetable section. School lunchrooms will sell Lunchables this autumn.For the first time, Kraft Heinz (KHC), which manufactures Lunchables, offers fresh-cut veggies. Clement ines, apples, pineapples, and grapes accompany crackers, cheese, and meat.

The new Lunchables arrived in time for school. For now, Walmart (WMT) and 7-Eleven outlets in the South Central region sell them.The retailer moved the Lunchables fresh fruit platter. Lunchables usually go with cold dishes. Price and packaging have changed. Lunchables were formerly sold frozen.

Vikramjeet Singh, Kraft Heinz (US) beverages, snacks, and sweets vice president of marketing and strategy, told CNN that the fresh fruit tray is packed to keep the fruit, meat, cheese, and bread fresh. “The fresh fruit tray is packed to preserve the fruit, meat, cheese, and crackers.” Lunchables are entering the veggie aisle with a new kids’ lunch plate, including fresh fruit.

Kraft Heinz Singh claims the tray is more extensive, like two plates, and costs extra. The tray has fresh vegetables on one side.”The suggested price is between $4 and $4.29, which is about $1 to $2 more than other Lunchables because it has more food and is fresher,” he added. “More food raises prices.” The fresh fruit Lunchables last around ten days fewer than the others, which last 90 to 110 days.

Fresh and Convenient

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Singh said the firm will start offering ham and cheddar, turkey and cheddar, and biscuits. The business wants to distribute these flavors with each of the four fresh fruit alternatives nationwide by 2024.

He asserted Lunchables’ fruit items didn’t utilize fresh fruit. He said the brand “saw almost a 500% increase in searches for Lunchables with fruits,” prompting a reassessment of the snack tray’s fruit function. Then, the firm and Fresh Del Monte Produce created the meal.

In March, Kraft Heinz announced that Lunchables would be distributed in school lunch programs for the first time. The corporation had to modify component manufacturing to ensure compliance with regulatory regulations. Eight brands accounted for almost half of Kraft Heinz’s sales in 2022. Lunchables produced $1.8 billion in sales and 8.6% of the company’s profits the year prior.

Singh said they’re focusing on making kids’ packaged lunches more “wholesome.” However, schools won’t get Lunchables’ fresh fruit tray this year.”Recently, we cut the amount of salt and oil in our Lunchables crackers by almost half,” he stated.

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