Elon Musk’s X-ceptional Transformation: Twitter’s Bird Logo Gets an X Makeover

Elon Musk changed Twitter’s bird logo to an X. He’s trying to make the billionaire’s platform more like his.

Musk bought Twitter last year and touted his “everything” app, X. This program lets users speak, shop, have fun, and do other things simultaneously. In a pre-takeover discussion with Twitter staff, Musk compared Twitter to WeChat. WeChat is so simple and helpful that users spend most of their time on it.

Musk established X.com in 1999. Over time, it became the popular PayPal.

Since buying the social network for $44 billion, Musk’s big intentions have become riskier. Changing Twitter’s name to create a “super app” is hazardous.

Twitter has a long way to go before it can compete with WeChat’s many services, despite Musk’s grandiose aspirations. WeChat is great for shopping, yoga, bill payments, and talking with friends. Money and competition are significant difficulties right now. Growing significantly would create further challenges. Because previous platforms that provide shopping have failed, it is unclear how many people outside China desire a super app like this.

Forrester’s research vice president, Mike Proulx, cautioned that Musk’s proposal would take time, money, and people to implement. Twitter may lose these vital assets, putting it in a precarious position.

Twitter is adapting to X. Musk claimed PayPal returned X.com, which now leads customers to the site. Twitter’s website altered the bird symbol to a stylish X. Musk joked about calling tweets “x’s.”

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino shared Musk’s goal. She claimed X is the future’s best method to connect. It will provide voice, video, text, and money. This will provide a global platform for ideas, sales, services, and possibilities.

Elon Musk's X-ceptional Transformation Twitter's Bird Logo Gets an X Makeover
Elon Musk’s X-ceptional

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Walter Isaacson, a prominent technology journalist who penned Musk’s biography, indicated that Musk hoped to utilize Twitter to make X.com a reality before the business purchased it. Musk said the platform’s name seemed reasonable since it enabled 140-character communications, like birds—Twitter’s significant change. Twitter now allows long films and other material. Thus, “fits” no longer applies.

Twitter Payments, their payments company, has a long way to go. They have money-moving permits in several US jurisdictions, but Musk has more to do. 80% of employees were sacked, and a few regulation changes have sparked a lot of conflicts. Meta’s Threads app, which started strong but has stalled, may also compete.

Musk needs help to design a multitasking app. Deloitte found that Western markets need help to replicate WeChat’s success. Digital payments and ride-hailing services are hard to combine since many experienced competitors exist.

Facebook’s digital money and payment system failed. Instagram and TikTok also scaled down e-commerce. These examples show how hard it is to copy WeChat.

Some businesspeople think leaving Twitter’s iconic brand is dangerous unless Musk makes significant adjustments. If the makeover provides nothing new, it may look eager to get attention. Since Meta’s Threads began, time appears crucial, and we don’t know what this choice means

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