Teamsters Union Postpones UPS Strike: Proposed Contract Awaits Member Votes

Teamsters Union Postpones UPS Strike : Local Teamsters executives endorsed the union’s approach on Monday. UPS’s hundreds of employees will vote on the proposed contract. The vote followed IBT local governments‘ approval of the union’s proposition.

The Teamsters union, representing 340,000 UPS.N workers, postponed a strike that might have harmed the US economy and halted 20% of package delivery. It’s for Teamsters members.

161 of Washington’s 161 Teamsters local leaders supported it. The Teamsters said the settlement includes:

  • Paying all UPS workers more.
  • Giving them an extra paid holiday.
  • Eliminating a two-tier pay system for drivers.
  • Installing air conditioning in all new UPS brown trucks.

The Teamsters argue the accord will end driver pay tiers Members of the Teamsters Union have until August 22 to vote on the plan. The experts are confident that the workers would accept the project. Some part-time workers struggle to make ends meet but don’t trust their firms because they don’t trust businesses. Fast food workers are particularly affected.

Teamsters Mobilize the “Vote No” position. Since part-time workers make far less per hour than full-time workers, they want them to be paid more. The draft plan raises part-time workers’ minimal basic wage from $16.20 to $21, but the group wants $25.

Teamsters Union Postpones UPS Strike
Members Of the Teamsters Union

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Jose Negrete has worked part-time in Anaheim, California, for 25 years. He’s a Teamsters Mobilize member who thinks the contract doesn’t suit part-time workers’ demands. Peter Lyngso, leader of the Chicago organization, estimates that less than 10% of part-time workers have signed contracts. UPS’s high turnover rates most affect part-time personnel.

44% of eligible voters participated in the 2018 ratification vote. We’ll actively monitor part-time workers’ voting. Part-timer comments are essential to employers. The latest gathering was without 14 of the 176 local leaders. However, no one knows why despite the unclear reasons for their absence. Local 89, with 10,000 workers, was the only Louisville union to vote against it.

The voting procedure will determine the preliminary contract’s fate and labor relations, even if many UPS workers need clarification.

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