Hotel Industry Leaders: Andrea Grigg and Michelle Steffens Spearhead Growth at CBRE and Sonesta

Hotel Industry Leaders : Andrea Grigg, a hotel industry veteran, joined CBRE Hotels in a vital capacity. She will create and supervise the company’s global hotel asset management and operator selection practice as senior managing director and global head of hotel asset management. Grigg will provide international hotel customers with hospitality solutions and business support from Atlanta.

Because of her expertise, Grigg will choose operators and brands and oversee management contracts. She wants to assist CBRE in serving hotel owners by sharing global best practices. CBRE Hotels hired her to boost their hotel market position and provide top-notch services.

Andrea Grigg joined CBRE after 16 years at JLL. She led the hotel asset management group and accomplished much. She obtained extensive hotel management and strategic advisory experience at JLL. She achieves results and helps customers, which impresses businesspeople.

Grigg is excited to use her knowledge and new ideas with CBRE Hotels. Her global hospitality knowledge will help her find and implement customer-specific solutions. Grigg aims to support CBRE’s worldwide hotel customers with her international expertise. She wants to give them new chances and help them beat the competition.

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Sonesta International Hotels changed when they hired Michelle Steffens as their vice president of operations. She will head the hotel business and management team in this crucial role. Steffens’ 17 years of hospitality experience make him an excellent choice to manage Sonesta’s properties and ensure optimal performance.

Michelle Steffens was senior vice president of operations at Aimbridge Hospitality before joining Sonesta. She made the firm prosper. She has experience managing hotels from her time at Interstate, Island Hospitality, and White Lodging.

Vice President of Operations Steffens strives to improve guests’ experiences and streamline Sonesta’s full-service hotels. She now sees things differently and wants to provide everyone with the most incredible service. Because of her past achievements, Steffens may help Sonesta become a leading hotel brand.

Andrea Grigg and Michelle Steffens found new careers in the fast-growing hotel business. Grigg and Steffens’ expertise will help their teams recover when the sector recovers.

Andrea Grigg’s new position at CBRE Hotels and Michelle Steffens’s at Sonesta International Hotels will help both firms succeed in the hotel sector. Grigg manages hotels globally and selects operators. This improves CBRE services. Steffens’ business acumen will benefit Sonesta’s full-service hotel guests. Because of their seasoned CEOs, CBRE and Sonesta can capitalize on hotel sector growth.

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