Twitter Competitor Threads Faces: Customer Retention Challenges, Data Shows

Twitter Competitor Threads Faces : According to industry data, Meta’s Threads, a Twitter competitor that garnered notice, needs help to retain customers. Similarweb and Sensor Tower, two market research businesses, discovered that app use is declining. Meta, which hopes to profit from Twitter’s leadership upheaval, struggles.

Sensor Tower reports that 8 million users use the app daily, a worrying 82% reduction since its July 31 release. This is the lowest figure since the app’s launch when 44 million people used it daily. The decline affects user communication as well as user numbers. When Threads launched, people opened it 14 times and scrolled for 19 minutes. By month’s end, these prices had dropped significantly.

Since August 1, Threads users spend 2.9 minutes per day and 2.6 sessions per day. Sensor Tower senior insights specialist Abe Yousef is worried about things getting worse. Similarweb and Sensor Tower revealed a declining trend. After Threads launched on July 7, users reached a record 49 million. That number had dropped to slightly over 11 million by July 29.

The app’s usage declined the most in the first two weeks, but subsequent data show little change. Sensor Tower found that Threads’ daily active users are declining by roughly 1% daily. Quite intriguing.

Twitter Competitor Threads Faces
Image Of Meta Twitter Rival App logo

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems unconcerned about the issues and believes the program can develop. He talked about how fast the company was growing and how the number of daily visitors was a favorable sign in the last earnings call a month ago. To increase the community, he stressed improving retention and app essential features.

Threads started with few functionality, but the most-requested tools were promised. Desktop and private communications are available. The content feed is reverse chronological. Zuckerberg announced 100 million Threads app users on July 10. This makes it one of the fastest-growing smartphone apps ever. The group constantly seeks innovative ways to engage and retain users. Threads must work more to retain users if they want to succeed in the competitive social media landscape.

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