Real Kosher Ice Cream Recalls Soft Serve Cups Due to Listeria Risk: Nationwide Alert

Real Kosher Ice Cream Recalls Soft Serve Cups: Authentic kosher ice cream may be harmful—nationwide alert. Real Kosher Ice Cream recalled all Soft Serve On The Go ice cream and sorbet cups because they may contain Listeria, a harmful pathogen. Very important. These items’ health risks worry all ages.

The August 9, 2023, recall didn’t affect Real Kosher Ice Cream. It affects all 8-ounce Soft Serve On The Go ice cream varieties. Caramel, Vanilla Chocolate, Lite Peanut Butter, Razzle, Sorbet Strawberry Mango, and Parve Vanilla Chocolate Soft Serve On The Go are offered. They’re delicious!

The major risk is Listeria bacteria in the food, which may make you ill. The US CDC and FDA are examining Real Kosher’s Soft Serve On The Go ice cream cups and Listeria incidents. These foods have been linked to Listeria infections.

Listeria-contaminated food causes listeriosis. It’s dangerous, particularly for immunocompromised people. This category includes elderly, young, and sick people. Listeriosis causes muscular soreness, high fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea. It also causes severe stomachaches. These symptoms need immediate medical attention.

Real Kosher Ice Cream Recalls Soft Serve Cups
Image: Soft serve cup ice cream

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Get ice cream to go. 8 oz Vanilla Chocolate – Take soft serve eight fluid ounces. Razzle
Take some ice cream—8 oz Sweet caramel. Take out soft serve ice cream. 8 oz. I don’t understand “Parve.” Please provide Vanilla Chocolate Soft serve to go eight fluid ounces.

Strawberry sorbet is fantastic. Mangoes are 8-ounce fruits. Soft-Serve Lite Peanut butter ice cream contains less fat than soft serve. Peanut butter flavor makes it tasty.

Returned items were offered in clear 8-ounce plastic cups with seals and spoons. These products were sold in numerous states and had varying tastes.

Importantly, only Real Kosher Ice Cream manufactured before August 4, 2023, is recalled. Customers may use the official statement’s UPCs to find affected goods without LOT numbers.

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