Nik Airball Poker Player Net Worth: A Deep Dive into the Financial Corpus of a Poker Virtuoso

Nik Airball Poker Player Net Worth: Nikhil Arcot, widely known in the professional poker circle as Nik Airball, hails from New York and was born in the year 1996. A neophyte in the realm of high-stakes poker, his story diverges from the norm. Notably, he undertook his tertiary education far from home, matriculating at New York University’s Shanghai campus for a triennium. With an academic background that spans continents, he’s more than just a poker aficionado; he’s a global citizen with an eclectic mix of experiences.

Early Life Of Nik Airball Poker Player

Born September 22, 1988, in New York, Nik  entered the world of cards and chips. Nik probably learned poker from his parents, who loved it. The persistent commotion generated by family members playing cards helped grow a strong affection for the game after this initial meeting.

Nik travelled to the US, the poker capital of the world, aged 18 to transform his pastime into a full-time job. After settling in the US, he joined local poker groups and became a master. This happened shortly after settling in America.

When he got online, Nik was known as “Nik Airball.” This made-up name helped him become famous and established him as an Indian poker guru. 

However, he has done much more than play games. Broadcast poker histories and specialized poker journals immortalize Nik’s visage and strategies. This has helped maintain his iconic status in the complex realm of international poker.

Career Achievements Of Nik Airball Poker Player

Nik Airball gained fame in poker because he won big pots. His climb to the top of his demanding business has been distinguished by an astonishing amount of trophies from playing in poker’s biggest tournaments.

Airball likes cash games and is confident he can win at them. He doesn’t regret it. Even though his cash game earnings are unknown, he has made a lot of money through poker.

Keep in mind that he enjoys risky games. Airball likely made a lot of money at Hustler Casino Live and lately appeared on live-streamed poker games, offering him more possibilities to make money. This would be a good Airball wealth estimate.

The Lodge Poker Club in Texas was one of his numerous wins, including his highest, $135,000. He made live poker history in November 2022 by winning $870,000. It was the most money ever won in a live game.

Nik Airball Poker Player Net Worth

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Michigan Sportszone estimates Nik Airball’s wealth at $10 million. However, his net worth adjustments in recent months have sparked suspicions. In March 2023, he lost $744,000 in a single match.

Later that week, his assets increased by over $900,000. This displays his financial fluctuations. These ups and downs usually increase or decrease his net worth.

Airball plays high-stakes games, especially at Hustler Casino Live. Starting in corporate banking, he worked there. He is attractive since he likes to quarrel and is constantly happy. This has made him a popular character in poker tournament live webcasts.

Nik Airball’s Family

Despite his fame in poker, Nik maintains his personal life private and avoids public scrutiny. He doesn’t talk much about his sexual and other connections.

People assume his immediate family cares about his poker activities more than merely supports him. Airball is well-known in the community for his charitable work and card skills.

After the second wave of COVID-19 reached India in 2021, he donated some of his WSOP winnings to help the victims. His huge donations to charity like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and others demonstrate his generosity.

He has given so much because he believes he should use his wealth and career success to serve society.


His parents named him Nikhil Segel, and they’ve always liked poker. Family influenced his early poker interest.

He moved to the U.S. for harder competition and more chances because he loved the game more than a hobby. His work has made him one of the finest poker players in the country and the world.

Everyone knows his skills because he won the WSOP and EPT. His career changed in 2014 when he finished fourth at the World Series of Poker Main Event. He received a $2.8 million award for his hard work.

In addition to playing poker in person, Nik Airball has proved his skill online. According to projections, his live and online triumphs should have earned him $10 million by 2023.


Q1. What is Nik Airball’s real name?

Nik Airball’s real name is Nikhil Arcot.

Q2. What does Nik Airball do for a living?

He used to be a financial banker, but now he plays poker for a living.

Q3. Does Nik Airball have an Instagram?

Nik Airball either does not have an Instagram or he isn’t active on IG.

Our Reader’s Queries

What does Nik Airball do for a living?

Nik Airball, once an investment banker, has now transitioned into the world of professional poker. While he may have previously held a position in the finance industry, his current focus lies in mastering the game of cards. No longer an investment banker, Nik Airball has found a new passion in the world of poker.

How much has Nik Air ball lost?

The Hustler Casino Live regular has recently revealed that he lost a whopping $8,000,000 on the show. This revelation has sparked a lot of curiosity and speculation among fans and critics alike. Many are wondering how such a huge loss could have occurred and what it means for the future of the show. Despite the shock and disappointment, the regular remains optimistic and determined to continue playing.

How is Nik Airball so rich?

Airball’s involvement in various ventures has been documented on several online sites. One of his latest endeavors is with Aerospace and Defense Investment Bank, where he specializes in mergers and acquisitions. This company provides advisory services for private equity-owned businesses that prefer to keep their operations under wraps. Additionally, there are indications that Airball may have also worked with KAL Capital at some point.

What is Nik Airball’s real name?

Nikhil Arcot, also known as Airball, has earned a reputation as a bully at the table. He has been known to threaten other players with bankruptcy and has even referred to himself as “the king of LA.” However, his behavior has not gone unnoticed and has caused concern among fellow players.

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