WPT Charity Poker Night: An Artful Evening with Daniel Arsham

WPT Charity Poker Night:  Poker and art lovers will enjoy a great time in the heart of New York City. Later this month, the World Poker Tour (WPT) will throw a charity poker party with American artist Daniel Arsham in one of the world’s top art museums.

This unique event will occur on September 29 at Perrotin, a gallery noted for its rich embrace of creativity. This party features a $2,500 poker tournament and a solo concert by the virtuoso Mr. Arsham.

Poker is high-stakes, but Mr. Arsham’s winnings will benefit his alma mater, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, demonstrating his profound connection to education and innovation.

A modern artist noted for his carving skills, Mr. Arsham and the World Poker Tour have worked together for a long time. He used poker and art to create this year’s WPT Season XXI awards’ gorgeous design.

World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska remarked, “Hosting a charity poker event at Perrotin brings poker and art together. Daniel started this project for The Cooper Union and helped the World Poker Tour.

WPT Charity Poker Night

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WPT analyst Tony Dunst will host this thrilling event. His experience and eloquence will make for a captivating evening story. This ceremony celebrates Arsham’s 20 years with Emmanuel Perrotin. It coincides with Arsham’s massive “20 Years.” Perrotin in New York and Paris will host the event from September 6 to October 14 and September 2 to October 7, respectively.

WPT attraction goes beyond this magnificent event. WPT Global marks a new era in poker. Poker lovers worldwide can compete in WPT events, earn significant prizes, and enjoy Poker Flips.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How do you host a charity poker night?

In this guide, we’ll explore the key steps to organizing a successful charity poker tournament. First, we’ll delve into researching the costs associated with the event. Next, we’ll help you find the perfect venue to host the tournament. We’ll also guide you through planning the fundraising goal and discussing the poker tournament format, as well as additional revenue channels. Finally, we’ll help you plan promotional collateral to ensure maximum exposure for your charity poker tournament.

How much does it cost to enter WPT?

The WPT Main Tour is geared towards players who are willing to invest between $3,500 and $25,000. Those who emerge victorious in official WPT Main Tour events are granted membership to the prestigious WPT Champions Club.

Can a non profit host a poker tournament?

Nonprofit organizations in California that meet specific eligibility criteria can hold bingo, raffles, or poker nights as fundraising events, even though the state constitution’s Article IV, Section 19 prohibits various types of gambling. These tax-exempt organizations can leverage these activities to raise funds for their charitable causes while adhering to the state’s regulations.

What is the payout for the WPT main event 2023?

Despite receiving 3,835 entries, the event still had a seven-figure overlay. The eventual winner of the tournament will take home a whopping $5,678,000. In a recent announcement, the World Poker Tour revealed that the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas will have a $40,000,000 guarantee, making it the biggest poker tournament in history.

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