Chace McKamie: Poker Prodigy

Chace McKamie: In the world of competitive poker, where people play card games for big money, there’s a place called ClubWPT. It’s like a secret door to a famous poker championship where you need $10,400 to join. One person who got to go there is Chace McKamie. He’s 35 years old, really likes poker, and comes from Hope, Arkansas.

Chace’s poker adventure started when he was just nine years old, and he’s loved it more and more ever since. He’s not just good at poker; he’s also a veteran from the Iraq war and a dad with five kids. Now, something amazing is happening because he might get to play for a massive prize of $40 million at a famous place in Las Vegas called Wynn. It’s all happening in December!

Chace is from Hope, Arkansas, and he’s not only into poker. He’s a loving husband and dad to five kids, including twins. Before he became a poker player, he did really well in high school and then joined the Marine Corps, where he used a big gun. He even went to Africa and Iraq for his job. After that, he worked for an electric company and read meters. He also helped when people didn’t pay for their electricity. Later, he worked in a place where they build pipelines and learned to be a helper to welders. Now, he’s working at Goodyear’s Cooper tire division for four years.

But poker has always been a part of Chace’s life. Thanks to his grandpa, he started playing at home with his family when he was young. His grandpa gave him $5 to start his poker journey! In high school, he played Texas Hold’em weekly with his friends. After high school, he didn’t play much, but in 2017, his interest came back when he was working on pipelines.

Chace found ClubWPT in 2018 or 2019 (he can’t remember exactly when). He joined because he wanted to get better at poker, and ClubWPT had lots of tournaments you could play for a monthly fee.

Chace McKamie

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Even though Chace has won some smaller poker games, the big ones are still tricky for him. He once played in a $500 game in Tunica, but most of the time, he likes to play in the local $1/$2 games with his friends.

One thing Chace is really proud of is how well he understands where to sit at the poker table. In poker, that’s really important!

The WPT World Championship is coming up, and Chace is super excited. His big dream is about to come true, and he’ll get to play in a tournament that costs $10,000 to join. That used to be just a dream, but now it’s real!

Apart from the games, Chace is also looking forward to meeting famous poker players like Phil Ivey, Jason Koon, Chris Moneymaker, and Phil Hellmuth. He also admires newer players like Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, Mariano, and Rampage because they’ve helped him on his poker journey.

In the poker world, Chace’s story shows how passionate players can achieve their dreams, no matter where they come from. His journey from Hope, Arkansas, to the big WPT World Championship is like a poker adventure that teaches us that anyone can make their dreams come true in this exciting card game!

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