McAfee Corp: Arrival Ushers in a New Era for Frisco

McAfee Corp: A big global tech company called McAfee Corp. opened its regional headquarters in Frisco on July 27. About 220 skilled workers from the Dallas-Fort Worth area moved there. In this state-of-the-art building, the company’s many different types of employees will work together in important areas like financing, accounting, product sales, technology services, marketing, and customer service.

McAfee rented 30,000 square feet in the prestigious high-rise at 17 Cowboys Way in order to create a strategic presence. This showed that the company was committed to further growth and innovation.

Notably, the changing scenery of Frisco is not the only place on McAfee’s list this year. As part of their plan to grow, they have also opened offices in Cork, Ireland, and Madrid, which will help them
become well-known around the world.

Greg Johnson, the visionary CEO of McAfee, plans to work closely with his executive team at the Frisco office. He wants to create a work setting where everyone gets along. This partnership will include both local leaders and leaders from around the world who are visiting the area.

McAfee has an amazing 108 million customers in 182 countries, and their well-known security tools protect over 600 million devices. This shows how far they reach around the world. McAfee is known as the best online security company, and it stays true to its goal to make the  digital world safe and fun for everyone.

McAfee Corp

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Their full protection includes privacy and personal security, and it works with their award-winning antivirus solutions to keep users safe no matter what they do, where they are, or what device they use. McAfee is dedicated to giving people the tools they need to feel safe in their digital lives.

Frisco is appealing not only because it has a lot of different cultures, but also because it has so many ways to get involved in the, community. McAfee chose Frisco because of its growing reputation as a culture hub and its proactive approach to getting involved in the community.

As part of its dedication to the local community, McAfee has formed a partnership with the Frisco Economic Development Corporation, contributing to the city’s business ecosystem and looking for ways to work together on education and technology startups.

McAfee joins other well-known corporations that see Frisco’s potential. These include TIAA, a leading institutional real estate investor, Boingo Wireless, a tech giant that builds and manages
wireless networks at major global venues, ExteNet Systems, a pioneering telecommunications company, Toshiba’s retail division, and Comerica bank.

McAfee enhances its position as a tech pioneer eager to change the digital world by opening regional offices in Frisco. McAfee’s cybersecurity innovations continue to shape global digital security as they expand and strengthen.

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