Analysts Predict : Strong EPS for Advanced Drainage Systems

Analysts Predict : Advanced Drainage Systems (NYSE:WMS) reports on August 3. Analysts expect $1.49 per share each quarter. Join the earnings call here. EVP Darin S. Harvey sold 7,000 shares on June 5. These stocks sold for $718,550, averaging $102.65. The EVP holds 5,171 company shares worth $530,803.15. SEC records clarify this deal on their website. Employee Tim A. Makowski sold 3,000 shares on June 13. This deal was worth $327,750.00 since these shares averaged $109.25. The seller will hold 8,647 Advanced Drainage Systems shares valued at $944,684.75. These sales and transactions are detailed here and on the SEC website. Insiders sold 20,000 Advanced Drainage Systems shares for almost $2 million in the past three months.

The company paid quarterly on June 15. On Thursday, June 1, Advanced Drainage Systems shareholders received a $0.14 quarterly dividend, up from $0.12. Payouts ended on May 31. The firm reported a 9.23% annual payout ratio, giving stockholders 0.46%. Finally, Advanced Drainage Systems will release results. Important people have sold a lot of shares as the corporation has increased dividends in recent months. Always monitor these developments, as they may influence investors.

Advanced Drainage Systems’ (NYSE:WMS) quarter ending May 18 exceeded expectations. Advanced Drainage Systems exceeded market expectations with an EPS of $1.06, compared to $0.68. A net profit of 16.51% and a return on equity of 52.49% improve the building company’s finances. Advanced Drainage Systems sold $617.60 million vs. $567.10 million predicted by analysts. The company’s expansion is promising. Investors will feel better about Advanced Drainage Systems when analysts predict $5 and $6 EPS for the current and future fiscal years.

Analysts Predict

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Advanced Drainage Systems started at $122.05 on Thursday, demonstrating its success. The company’s price range during the past year, from $75.02 to $153.36, indicates it can adapt to shifting markets. Investors know Advanced Drainage Systems is trustworthy and consistent, with a 50-day simple moving average of $108.71 and a 200-day of $94.43. Despite market uncertainty, the business has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.55 and liquidity ratios of 2.69 and 1.46.

Based on this, various study organizations have praised WMS stock. Robert W. Baird has boosted Advanced Drainage Systems’ price objective from $120.00 to $125.00, indicating the company’s success. Loop Capital and Morgan Stanley adjusted rates, while Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft and Oppenheimer upped their price objectives. Morgan Stanley downgraded from “overweight” to “equal weight,” although it boosted its price objective to $114.00. Bloomberg rates Advanced Drainage Systems a “Moderate Buy” with a $127.57 price target. The market thinks the firm will succeed.

Finally, Advanced Drainage Systems’ latest earnings statement proves it can outperform expectations. Because of its strong sales, net profit, return on equity, expert rates and targets, and high ROE, investors may think the firm will perform well even in a volatile market. Advanced Drainage Systems will build on its success and keep the building sector growing.

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