Downtown Dallas: Field Street Project by Pacific Elm Properties and Kaizen Development Partners

Downtown Dallas : Early in 2024, developers plan to begin construction on two building with the goal of transforming downtown Dallas.

On the $1 billion Field Street project, Pacific Elm Properties and Kaizen Development Partners have been collaborating since 2019. local undertaking.

This six-acre undertaking will improve the area of the downtown where Field Street and the Woodall Rodgers Freeway converge. An empty block next to the Perot Museum will change as a result of the project.

In a recent interview, Jonas Woods, the creative director of Pacific Elm, talked about their plans.”We’re opening a great office tower and apartments for rent,” he remarked with a grin in his eye.

The structures won’t be finished until 2027, so eager fans will have to wait. These renowned structures are the work of The Beck Group.

In the first stage, there will be an office building with 18 stories and an apartment building with 25 stories. These buildings will change the skyline of Dallas and have a lasting effect on its surroundings, which is always changing.

Downtown Dallas
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The journey of Pacific Elm and Kaizen Development began four years agowhen they bought land on the northwest side of downtown. This land has great potential and is one of the few remaining large development sites in central Dallas.

The Field Street District will open near the Goldman Sachs office campus, home to many workers.

But this is just one of many projects Pacific Elm is working on in downtown Dallas. Their expertise in transforming skyscrapers is evident in their successful renovations of Santander Tower and Bryan Tower, seamlessly blending residential and upscale office spaces. Moving north near Knox Street, Pacific Elm plans to add two more towers to the skyline. One tower will be for businesses, while the other will be for luxurious apartments.

Pacific Elm has invested in landmarks like 2100 Ross and One AT&T Plaza, adding to its downtown property collection. The company invested in the 60-story Comerica Bank Tower in downtown Dallas. They want to convert it into a building with integrated offices, flats, and hotel rooms.

As the curtain rises on the Field Street District project, Dallas is entering a new era of development and urban change. Pacific Elm Properties and Kaizen Development Partners will be remembered for their innovative architecture.

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