Unlocking Opportunities in Accounting Careers: Empowering Young Minds with Diversity Initiatives

Accounting Careers:  Autumn Kimborough, who was 17 and lived in Flossmoor, Illinois, didn’t care about accounts. Summer employment at KPMG delighted her. High schoolers were encouraged to choose accounting careers during a three-week session. KPMG’s community  impact director, Jennifer Flynn, led the industry’s staffing gap efforts.

200 or more people signed up for a summer job that paid $20 to $22 per hour, gave money for clothes and transportation, and fed them. The program gave people money and gave them chances to improve their work skills and manners. Each intern was given a guide to help them learn as much as possible.

After she learned about accounting, Autumn’s ideas changed. She thought she would have a boring office job, but her experience showed her that she could do interesting things. She was excited about the chances in accounting to travel and meet new people.

Keeping accountants on the job can be hard. Because of things like long hours, schedules, and preconceptions, more people leave than join. People who just finished college often go into investment banking, advising, or data analysis. Having to take more credit hours to get a CPA license turns off possible clients.

Unlocking Opportunities in Accounting Careers Empowering Young Minds with Diversity Initiatives

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Accounting firms and charities are coming up with creative ways to deal with the talent flow problem. In New York City, the Deloitte Foundation, Urban Assembly, and Outlier.org worked together to test a dual registration program. By taking a “Intro to Financial Accounting” course at the University of Pittsburgh, high school students and seniors can earn three credits. This program encouraged underrepresented students to go into accounting.

It is important to have a wide range of work experience. Even though there are jobs available, only 2% of CPAs are black and 5% are Hispanic. Elena Richards, KPMG’s top diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, said that the best way to fix this problem is to start early and reach out to more people. By showing many different options, they hope to get kids from different backgrounds interested in accounting.

Accounting is a great job that pays well and has good job chances. Through internships and new programs for young people, the accounting industry promotes a wide range of rewarding jobs.

Our Reader’s Queries

What is the highest paying accounting job?

Looking for a lucrative career in accounting? Look no further than these high-paying positions. CFOs can earn between $141,000 and $400,000 per year, while Audit Partners can make between $215,000 and $360,000 annually. Paymasters can earn anywhere from $31,000 to $350,000 per year, and Chief Accounting Officers can expect to make between $131,000 and $278,000 annually. Other top-paying positions include Vice President of Finance, Fund Controller, Finance Manager, and Chief Accountant. With such impressive salary ranges, these positions are definitely worth considering for those looking to advance their accounting careers.

What kind of work do you do in accounting?

Accountants and auditors play a crucial role in the financial world. They meticulously prepare and scrutinize financial records, identifying potential areas of opportunity and risk. Their expertise allows them to provide effective solutions for businesses and individuals alike. They ensure that financial records are accurate and that financial and data risks are evaluated. Additionally, they ensure that taxes are paid properly, providing peace of mind for their clients.

What is career in accounting?

Accounting is a diverse field that involves investigating financial reports and preparing tax documents. There are various career paths and industries that accountants can pursue, including roles as clerks, managers, forensic accountants, and auditors. With experience and expertise, accountants can also advance to high-level executive positions.

Is accounting a worth it career?

Despite the high cost of attending college, accounting majors can expect a significant return on their investment. On average, students pursuing a degree in accounting can expect to pay around $36,440 per year for tuition and other expenses. However, this investment pays off in the long run, as graduates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting can expect to earn around $39,600 two years after graduation, even after accounting for their debt payments. This makes accounting a smart choice for those looking to maximize their earning potential after college.

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