San Francisco Iconic X: The Fascination and Controversy Surrounding Elon Musk’s Message Delivery Company

San Francisco Iconic X : People in San Francisco were fascinated by a bright X in the city. It was placed on the roof of Elon Musk’s message delivery company, X’s offices. On the other hand, the sign that stood out on the city’s skyline is gone.

People were upset about the “big X” built over the weekend. They informed the building authority of their thoughts via written reports. Elon Musk, a mysterious billionaire, stated that X remained committed to the city despite a “doom spiral” affecting other companies. Musk’s message was part of the display.

Musk thanked SF in a heartfelt letter. He wrote, “Beautiful San Francisco, even if others leave, we will always be your friends.”

Even though it was true, the big X was only there briefly. When inspectors arrived at the site, they saw the building being dismantled before them. In an email, the city’s Department of Building Inspection said the building was demolished without proper permits. Due to this, the landowner may face a fine for a law violation.

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X stated that the removal was voluntary,The community had mixed opinions about the X’s show, which was filmed by locals. @itsmefrenchy123 on Twitter found the lights confusing as they reminded them of bright signs in their bedroom. This is how they showed the annoying lights.

@DollyMarlowe said, “I’m shocked by the lack of care for anyone ever.”

An inspector said a company employee prevented officials from accessing the roof to view the logo twice. This information added to the study results that had already been found. In the report, the inspector noted that a representative mentioned that the sign had recently been put up.


As time passed, people’s feelings worsened, and the iconic X in San Francisco’s skyline was removed. But it didn’t leave until it had left something that showed its presence.

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