AI Enthusiasm Soars in California US States Ranked by AI Job Vacancies and Interest

AI Enthusiasm: Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT was released a year ago, interest in advanced AI has grown. New data indicates how enthusiased each US state is about the latest innovation.

GoTo, an international software company, has conducted a study using Stanford University’s 2023 Artificial Intelligence Index to estimate demand for its products.

According to a recent survey, Silicon Valley-based California has the most AI-related job vacancies and interest in AI in the US. Stock (Inventory) iStock

Researchers identified the highest AI jobs and interest in California. This shouldn’t be surprising since Silicon Valley and OpenAI, Google, Apple, and Facebook are in California. Other ranks may surprise.

The year prior, California topped the nation with 142,154 AI-related job advertisements, more than twice as many as No. 2 Texas, which had over 66,000. New York placed third with 43,899. Virginia was sixth with 34,221 and Massachusetts second with 34,603. Thirty-three thousand five hundred eighty-five points placed Florida sixth.


AI Enthusiasm
US States Ranked by AI Job Vacancies and Interest

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People in California were the most interested in artificial intelligence. They searched for AI software over 20 million times last year. GoTo revealed that 51.9% of Californians use AI applications like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard—over half the state’s population.

Recent research indicated that over half of Californians daily search online for AI products. Getty Images licensed this Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto picture.

Massachusetts has the second-highest number of AI enthusiasts. 48.4% of city residents utilized AI technologies, although just 3.375 million searched for it online. 9.09 million searches and 46.6% employment placed New York third.

New Jersey and Washington ranked fifth in AI interest. Washington placed fifth with 3.4 million searches and 43.9% use, while New Jersey ranked fourth with almost 4.1 million searches and 44.4%.  According to a recent survey, Texas has the second most AI employment in the US. Stock (Inventory) iStock

Texas had 9.27 million more AI searches than New York, but its 30.4% utilization rate put it at #15.

Mississippi is the least interested in AI. 353,760 AI searches were made last year, although just 12% of inhabitants utilized AI technologies. AI job postings numbered almost 2,500. Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Kentucky share last place. The fifth-worst state.

Our Reader’s Queries

Why does AI interest me?

The demand for AI professionals is soaring, offering exceptional career growth prospects. With increasing experience and proficiency in AI, you can advance to higher positions, spearhead research initiatives, or even establish your own AI venture. The industry is ripe with opportunities for those who possess the necessary skills and expertise.

Why are people fascinated by AI?

With its lightning-fast processing speed, AI has the ability to analyze massive amounts of data and perform complex calculations that far exceed human capabilities. This impressive capability enables AI systems to swiftly identify patterns, make accurate predictions, and provide valuable insights.

Does AI think like a human?

According to Fokas, computations only represent a fraction of conscious thinking, and human cognition involves much more than just conscious thought. A significant amount of unconscious processing occurs behind the scenes. Fokas believes that AI still has a long way to go before it can surpass human thinking.

Why is AI a positive thing?

Artificial Intelligence offers a major advantage in reducing errors and improving accuracy and precision. By relying on previously gathered information and specific algorithms, AI makes decisions at every stage with minimal room for error. With proper programming, these errors can be eliminated altogether.

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