ACC Explores Battery Facility Venture in North America Amidst Collaboration between Stellantis, Total Energies, and Mercedes-Benz Group

Battery Facility Venture: ACC, a collaboration between Stellantis, Total Energies, and Mercedes-Benz Group, is in preliminary discussions with Canadian and US authorities to establish a battery facility in North America. The focus is on building a new battery manufacturing factory in Quebec, as evident from meetings with government representatives. The aim is to secure financing and incentives for the project.

However, ACC is cautious in its approach, emphasizing that it is conducting research without any guarantees. The company’s focus is primarily on its ambitious European industrial and technological roadmap.

While details about the US conversations remain undisclosed, lobbying documents suggest that talks have encountered some delays. The negotiations could be more challenging due to recent events involving Stellantis, LG, and the Canadian government.

The resolution of a dispute between Stellantis, LG Energy Solution, and the Canadian government over financing for an electric vehicle (EV) factory could have a positive impact on the project. The hope is that this decision will attract significant investment, amounting to C$15 billion ($11 billion).

ACC, established in 2020, plans to invest 7 billion euros in electric vehicle battery installations in Germany, France, and Italy.

ACC Explores Battery
ACC Explores Battery

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Carmakers and battery manufacturers are increasingly interested in the North American market, driven by incentives from the US and Canada. This strategic move aims to reduce their reliance on China for crucial resources.

The Quebec government’s proximity to US port cities enhances its appeal to electric vehicle battery investors. The government is actively supporting the lithium and battery industries.

As discussions progress, the future of ACC’s North American venture remains uncertain, and the company continues to navigate various challenges in the process.

Contributors Divya Rajagopal and Gilles Guillaume bring insights from Toronto and Paris, while Giulio Piovaccari and Allison Lampert contribute from Milan and Montreal. Denny Thomas, Hugh Lawson, and Matthew Lewis provide additional material to the story.

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