Amazon Delivery Partners Unconventional : Horses Gallop Goods to the Grand Canyon

Amazon Delivery Partners said that some of their Arizona delivery workers don’t have two legs, which was pretty cool to learn. In a blog post on Tuesday, the giant online shopping company said that some of their workers use horses to transport items to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

According to Amazon, they have been using horses for a long time to transport things to and from the canyon. This has helped them deliver goods to Phantom Ranch, an old and essential place at the bottom of the canyon.

Mules are not just reliable guides for journeys through canyons, but they are also skilled at delivering mail and working together in partnerships for deliveries. They have a lot of different things for sale, like fresh fruit, beer, and even toilet paper. They bring these things to both the people who work at Phantom Ranch and those who stay there as guests. It’s important to understand that Amazon only delivers to the workers at Phantom Ranch who live and work at the bottom of the canyon.

Annie Zenin feels good about her job working as a mule packer at Phantom Ranch. She said, “We bring down pretty much anything that Phantom Ranch might need and any packages they want to be delivered.”

Amazon Delivery Partners Unconventional Horses Gallop Goods to the Grand Canyon
Amazon Delivery Partners

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Carly Lupien, who is in charge of packing mules at Phantom Ranch, mentioned that the team begins work as early as 2:45 a.m. This is a clever method to ensure tasks are completed before they become hot. Packers have the job of weighing items in stores, looking after the mules, and using tools to lift them. At the start of the day, two people who move things, each with five mules, guide the mules on their journey.

Lupien enjoyed her job and mentioned, “One of the things I like about it is that I have the opportunity to assist the individuals who reside at the lowest point of the river.” When we arrive at the destination, they inquire, “Do you possess our packages?” I received a package from Amazon. Did you lower it? “and we reply, “Yes, we did.” Right there.'”

Amazon also put up a movie for people to watch and understand how mules are used for delivering things in a particular way.

Amazon has yet to provide any additional information regarding the use of mules for supplies in other areas of Arizona or other states.

Our Reader’s Queries

What is Amazon delivery partners?

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner program offers a chance to become a full-time owner-operator of your own logistics business. You can work as an independent contractor for Amazon and set your own hours. It’s a great opportunity to take control of your career and work on your own terms.

How much do Amazon delivery partners make?

The hourly pay for Amazon Delivery Service Partner 3rd party contractors in the United States varies between $16.50 to $18.12. The pay rate depends on the job role, with drivers (independent contractors) earning $16.50 per hour and delivery drivers earning $18.12 per hour on average.

What companies does Amazon deliver with?

We collaborate with a range of delivery partners, including Amazon Flex drivers, Delivery Services Partners (DSPs), and external carrier partners such as UPS and USPS.

How much does it cost to buy a Amazon route?

For a mere $10,000, you can kickstart your own delivery fleet with the help of this company. They offer leased vans, insurance, gas cards, and training to get you started. Plus, they guarantee to be your first and potentially only customer. With such a low initial investment, this opportunity is too good to pass up.

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